Alcohol’s Harm to Others: a WHO/Thai Health collaboration

Investigators: Professor Robin Room, Anne-Marie Laslett

The research project measures and analyses the harm to others from drinking in low- and middle-income countries, in terms of the situation in each society and also in cross-national analyses. The project develops a master model for application in six countries, but it is expected, that the master protocol will be more widely applied in future projects, also in developed countries.

Recent studies in a few high-income countries (including the Centre’s national project) have begun to measure and document the extensive nature and magnitude of these harms.  Building on these studies, WHO has identified a research initiative on Harm to Others from Drinking as a major strand in the Research Initiative on Alcohol, Health and Development under the Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol.

The study is divided into two phases; the first phase will be carried out over 18 months and includes in each country a scoping and assessment study; and a general population survey of at least 1500 adults. The second phase will include register data analyses of harm to others from drinking as manifested in the case records of societal first-response agencies; and/or agency caseload studies in three first-response agency systems, the second option being employed particularly where no electronic or other cumulated case registry is available for that type of agency.

Summative reports for each country will be prepared by each country. Cross-national analyses will be undertaken and published by the co-investigators and within country research teams.  Robin Room and Anne-Marie Laslett are co-investigators and technical advisors on the project. The project is funded by the Thai Health Organization and coordinated by other co-investigators Dag Rekve, Technical Officer, Management of Substance Abuse, Department of Mental Health and Substance abuse (World Health Organization), Dr Thaksaphon Thamarangsi, MD. MPH. PhD. Director, Center for Alcohol Studies (CAS), International Health Policy Program (IHPP ), and Ms. Orratai Waleewong, Researcher, Center for Alcohol Studies (CAS), International Health Policy Program (IHPP).

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