The Alice Study

Investigators: Amy Pennay, Dan Lubman, Ruth McNair

Research shows that Australian lesbian, bisexual and same-sex attracted women (SSAW), when compared with heterosexual women, are at higher risk of drinking harmful amounts of alcohol, and of having depression or anxiety. However, little research has explored the interaction between alcohol and mental health among SSAW. We aim to reach a better understanding of the ways in which cultural norms and social attitudes interact and influence drinking patterns and mental health among SSAW.

Methods include:

  1. a web-based survey completed by SSAW that includes quantitative and open-ended questions about alcohol, mental health and help-seeking
  2. in-depth interviews with SSAW to explore in-depth some of the preliminary findings from the web-based survey and get a more detailed understanding of alcohol consumption patterns and mental health issues
  3. sessions of participant observation with SSAW which will enable us to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the interplay between socio-cultural factors, alcohol and mental health among SSAW

Contact: Dr Amy Pennay
Ph: (03) 8413 8460