Prohibiting drinking in public

Investigators: Amy Pennay, Robin Room, Michael Livingston, Lynda Berends, Michael Savic, Elizabeth Manton

Over the last ten to fifteen years laws prohibiting public drinking have been progressively implemented by local councils across Melbourne, and other parts of Australia.

Despite this widespread implementation, very few evaluations of the impact and effectiveness of public drinking bans have been conducted. This project will utilise mixed methods (both quantitative and qualitative approaches) to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the public drinking bans in the City of Yarra, the City of Maribyrnong and the City of Darebin with a view to feeding information back to these councils and developing an evidence for police and local councils who may consider implementing public drinking bans in the future (or revising their current bans).

This project is independently funded (i.e. not by local council) and thus will provide rigorous and bias-free evaluation data that both councils in Australia, and elsewhere, may refer to when considering the issue of enacting public drinking bans in urban zones.

Contact: Dr Amy Pennay
Ph: (03) 8413 8460