GENACIS: Gender alcohol & culture

Investigators: Professor Robin Room, Jason Ferris
Sponsors: US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, through the University of North Dakota

The GENACIS project is an international collaborative study including more than 40 countries involving general population surveys of drinking patterns and problems with an emphasis on gender and culture. The Australian survey was carried out in Victoria in 2008. The primary current focus is on cross-national comparative analyses.

The project investigates:

  • gender and cultural differences in drinking behaviour and its adverse effects
  • how drinking and its effects are modified by socioeconomic conditions, social status and social roles and drinking contexts
  • how drinking is linked to social pressure to control drinking, intimate relationships, and intimate partner violence

The Centre for Alcohol Policy Research focuses particularly on analyses of pressures to drink more or less and their correlates.

Contact: Prof. Robin Room   
Ph: (03) 8413 8430