An examination of the factors shaping declining youth drinking

Investigators: Amy Pennay, Michael Livingston, Sarah MacLean, Dan Lubman, Paul Dietze, John Holmes, Rachel Herring


Over the past 15 years, the proportion of Australian teenagers who drink alcohol has halved. This study aims to understand the drivers of this major shift in teenage drinking behaviour by examining whether these developments are being driven by:

  1. regulatory factors such as changes in policy
  2. changes in the focus of youth leisure time, especially with regards to increasing use of digital technology
  3. shifts in social and cultural norms about alcohol and intoxication among teenagers
  4. family influences such as parental supply of alcohol and parental modelling

The project utilises mixed methods including the analysis of existing data and collection of new qualitative data. Understanding the reasons behind this shift is important to support and maintain these trends through informed policy.


Contact: Dr Amy Pennay
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