Alcohol maltreatment and children

Investigators: Anne-Marie Laslett
Sponsors: Sidney Myer fund and IOR Group Scholarship

This project will describe and measure the adverse effects of drinking on children in two separate studies.

The first study will focus on children in the Victorian Child Protection system and examine alcohol involvement in nineteen years of Victorian Department of Human Services Child Protection data. This study will highlight the number of children in child protective services where alcohol is identified as an issue in the family. The availability of almost twenty years of child protection data will enable a range of cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses. Key informant interviews will inform changes in recording, child protection policy and alcohol policy over this time.

The second study will assess via the Alcohol’s Harm to Others survey the number of households where children have been affected by someone else’s drinking using questions that stem from key definitions of types of child maltreatment used in the Victorian child protection system.  

In both studies the research aims to measure various adverse effects attributable to the drinking of others on children and describe the demographic and other characteristics of those households where children have been affected by child maltreatment.

Child maltreatment includes exposure to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as neglect and domestic violence.

Contact: Anne-Marie Laslett
Ph: (03) 8413 8420