Current Research Projects

The Alice Study

This study aims to better understand the ways in which cultural norms and social attitudes interact and influence drinking patterns and mental health among lesbian, bisexual and same-sex attracted women.

Alcohol and energy drink use in Victoria

This project aims to explore alcohol and energy drink (AED) consumption patterns among consumers, including the contexts within which AEDs are drunk, the risks and harms associated with AED consumption and the impact for emergency services.

Prohibiting drinking in public

The project will evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the public drinking bans to inform policies and practices of police and local governments.

Alcohol maltreatment and children

This research aims to measure various adverse effects attributable to the drinking of others on children and describe the demographic and other characteristics of those households where children have been affected by child maltreatment.

Patron offending and intoxication

This project will determine the factors and correlates associated with alcohol-related violence in licensed venues and night-time entertainment precincts across five Australian cities.

GENACIS: Gender alcohol & culture

This Australian component of an international project investigates gender and cultural differences in drinking behaviour and its adverse effects.

Alcohol control, consumption and consequences

This study will collate and analyse historical data on alcohol consumption and mortality in Australia from 1907 to 2005.

The effects of alcohol outlet density

This project examines how the number and type of alcohol outlets in local areas affects rates of harm (including violence, heavy drinking and chronic disease).

International alcohol control study

The study will collect data on drinking, alcohol purchasing, policy attitudes and a range of other relevant issues that can be used to better inform alcohol policy.

Drugs and public policy

This project includes a range of analyses concerning the social classification and handling of drugs.

Alcohol harm and young adults in urban settings

This Australian Research Council-funded project involves analysis of survey data and interviews with 60 young adults in two local government areas; Hume in the outer-north and Yarra in the inner-north of Melbourne. It involves a range of collaborating organisations and is intended to provide evidence to support local government alcohol policy development.