CAPR’s research program aims to improve Australia’s understanding of alcohol-related harms and evidence-based strategies to address them. As well as conducting and publishing research, CAPR also serves as a resource about the evidence base on alcohol policies for the public health community, social and government agencies, the media, and the larger society by:

  • publishing its original research findings and scholarly reviews and commentaries
  • pursuing and producing reports on agreed-on alcohol policy-relevant research topics for the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and other funders
  • disseminating its research, in the context of the relevant knowledge base, through presentations at community, governmental and professional meetings, and through participation in public seminars and events
  • responding to requests concerning evidence from governmental, public health and other bodies, and from the media
  • advising public health-oriented alcohol policy agencies and coalitions on the relevant research on emergent alcohol policy issues
  • contributing to the development of the workforce of scholars competent in policy-relevant alcohol research in Australia and internationally through such means as postgraduate training, postdoctoral placements, internships and scholarly visits and exchanges
  • working with the World Health Organization and other public health agencies, and other research groups in Australia and internationally, to develop the international base of knowledge concerning drinking patterns, alcohol-related harms, and effective alcohol policies.