Privacy Statement

Information collection and privacy protection

This website is presented by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education on behalf of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR), for the purpose of disseminating its information free of charge for the benefit of the public.  FARE makes every effort to adhere to our legal obligations under the Privacy Act (1988) and the Privacy Principles. new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) will be introduced in 2014, and we are currently working towards ensuring that our practices will comply with our obligations under the APPs.

This page explains the type of information that is collected by FARE, how such information is used and under what circumstances and to whom it may be disclosed. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact us.

Your email address

FARE will only record your email address in the event that you send us a message by email or if you register requesting notifications. Registration for notifications may be made initially by email, postal mail or facsimile. We will not use or disclose your email address for any other purpose, without your prior written consent.

Security level

Every endeavour is made to ensure that this site is secure. However, users should be aware that the World Wide Web is an insecure public network that gives rise to a potential risk that a user’s transactions are being viewed, intercepted or modified by third parties or that files which the user downloads may contain computer viruses or other defects.

FARE accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to a user’s computer system, software or data occurring in connection with this website. Users are encouraged to take appropriate and adequate precautions to ensure that whatever is selected from this site is free of viruses or other contamination that may interfere with or damage the user’s computer system, software or data.


For each visitor to our Web Site, our web server may collect your internet service provider’s address (but not your personal e-mail address). This is done by the majority of web sites and is only used by us for internal statistical information.

We only use cookies to record session information, such as items that you add to the shopping basket. We do not collect any information via cookies.

Personal information

Information provided through FARE’s website will be stored and used by FARE as per the relevant Privacy Principles (see Glossary below).

Queries, concerns and further information

If you have any queries, concerns or require further information relating to privacy and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, please contact us.


Internet Service Provider

A company or organisation that provides access to the internet for users.

Law enforcement agency

An agency of the Commonwealth or a State or Territory such as the Australian Federal police, which exercises powers such as executing a warrant to seize documentation or goods or to search premises etc.


Automatic advice of new or updated material available via FARE, provided to a user who registers for this service.

Privacy Principles

There are 11 principles established under section 14 of the Privacy Act 1988. Commonwealth and ACT government agencies must comply with these principles in their handling of personal information in their possession. The principles can be accessed at:

From 12 March 2014, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) will replace the National Privacy Principles and Information Privacy Principles and will apply to organisations. Information about the APPs can be found here: