CAPR Symposium

Alcohol research has many interdisciplinary aspects including public health, psychology, sociology, social work, law, media, sport and many more.  To celebrate CAPR’s move to the main campus, we are delighted to announce the CAPR Symposium. Join us to hear about renowned researchers’ passionate work in alcohol policy.


When: 23rd March, 3pm-5pm

Where: West Lecture Theatre 3

La Trobe University Bundoora

RSVP: Megan Cook




Welcome (Emmanuel Kuntsche, incoming Centre Director) and Historical development of CAPR (Robin Room, former Centre Director)


Youth drinking trends and practices: past and present (Amy Pennay, Michael Livingston, Sarah MacLean, Robin Room, Emmanuel Kuntsche, Sarah Callinan, Robyn Dwyer, Megan Cook, Gabriel Caluzzi, Rakhi Vashishtha)


Drinking cultures: exploring the social worlds and settings that shape patterns and norms of drinking (Robyn Dwyer, Amy Pennay, Sarah MacLean, Claire Wilkinson, Robin Room, Oliver Stanesby, Megan Cook, Sarah Callinan, Michael Livingston)


Harms resulting from other people’s drinking (Anne-Marie Laslett, Sandra Kuntsche, Orratai Waleewong, Sarah Callinan, Oliver Stanesby, Robin Room)


An investigation into alcohol consumption at home (Sarah Callinan, Robin Room, Emmanuel Kuntsche, Sarah MacLean, Michael Livingston, Geoff Leggat)


Tackling alcohol related harms using tax and pricing policy (Heng Jiang, Michael Livingston, Sarah Callinan, Robin Room)


Pulling the levers: what happens when alcohol policies change? (Michael Livingston, Robin Room, Sarah Callinan, Heng Jiang, Claire Wilkinson)


Attempts to collect better evidence in alcohol research: from self-reports to non-intrusive continuous measurement (Emmanuel Kuntsche, Oliver Stanesby, Gabriel Caluzzi, Amy Pennay)


Informal reception, refreshments provided