Alcohol cultures in middle and older age groups in Victoria

The Centre for Alcohol Policy Research are undertaking a project with funding from VicHealth.


We are interested in finding about more about what factors influence the way rural/regional Victorians drink alcohol, what drinking in social settings means to you, what is or is not socially accepting regarding drinking, and, ideas you may have about how drinking cultures could be changed.


We are looking to talk to Victorians who are:

  • living in a regional/rural area, and
  • aged between 37 to 70 years old, and
  • drink alcohol in a social setting at least occasionally


If you are interested in taking part in this research please email or call Claire on (03) 9479 8735 to find out more.


Media: Sunraysia Daily, Shepparton News


Interested in participating in the study and want more information?  Read our Participant Information Statement