Dr Elizabeth Manton

Liz Manton 5 March 2016

Dr Elizabeth Manton
Email: E.Manton@latrobe.edu.au

Ph:+61(3)9479 8791


Elizabeth is a Research Fellow at CAPR, Latrobe University. She has a BSc, a BE(Chem)(Hons), a BA in sociology and history, and a PhD in public health in the discipline of medical anthropology. She was awarded an NHMRC public health scholarship for her PhD studies. Her PhD employed ethnographic and discourse analysis methodologies to explore the social context of overweight and obesity in late middle-aged Australians.

Elizabeth has worked in alcohol policy research since 2011. She is a qualitative researcher who has undertaken projects on alcohol’s harms to others and public drinkers, as well as diverse projects aimed at understanding the social, cultural and historical contexts of alcohol policy in Australia. She was the lead editor of, as well as a contributing author to, the 24-chapter book, Stemming the tide of alcohol: liquor licensing and the public interest, published in 2014.

Research interests:

  • Alcohol policy discourse analysis
  • Liquor licensing
  • Baby boomers and alcohol


Click here for a list of Elizabeth’s publications, book chapters, and presentations.