Claire Wilkinson


Ms Claire Wilkinson

215 Franklin St

Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (+61) 3 9479 8739


Claire is a research officer at CAPR, La Trobe University. She is a PhD candidate at the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne. Her research is exploring the local implementation of liquor licensing laws. She is supervised by Professor Robin Room and Dr Sarah Maclean, both at La Trobe University.

Claire has an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Melbourne (2009) and a Graduate Certificate in Addiction Research from the Technical University of Dresden (2012).

Claire has worked at CAPR since 2007. She uses both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Research studies include public attitudes to drinking, effectiveness of civilian liquor licensing enforcement, the origins of Melbourne’s local option licensing polls, effectiveness of alcohol beverage warning labels and the relationship of alcohol outlets to alcohol-related harms.


  • Liquor licensing history
  • Health policy
  • Public health regulation
  • Research interests:

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